OrthoSnap Teeth Straightening: How Does It Work?

OrthoSnap invisible aligners offer you a better, less intrusive way to bring out your best smile. Most existing aligner systems aren’t complete substitutes for braces and don’t straighten your teeth in the best way possible. OrthoSnap is an easy to use and affordable alternative to braces that is as effective as traditional braces but without the unsightly metal bands and embarrassment. OrthoSnap lets you straighten your teeth without anyone having to know that you are wearing a teeth correcting device. 

OrthoSnap is an important innovation in orthodontics. Traditionally, if you needed to straighten your teeth, you had only one choice—to wear metal braces for years at a time. Invisible aligners from OrthoSnap are meant to replace traditional braces. They work effectively, cost much less, and are much more convenient, providing an excellent substitute for metal braces.

Treatment Process

teeth straightening | teeth straightening without metal braces | teeth straightening without braces | teeth straightening with clear alignersOrthoSnap works so well because it moves your teeth differently than other aligners. Imagine the overcrowded teeth in the front of your mouth: In order to get a desirable and stable result, the back teeth have to be moved first to make room for the front teeth. OrthoSnap moves teeth individually and in separate stages to find a more appropriate physiological location for every tooth—just as conventional braces do.

In addition, OrthoSnap pushes the whole body of each tooth the way traditional braces do. Other aligners only push on the upper part of each tooth, making their work far less effective. Because OrthoSnap works the same way as traditional braces, it gets better results than other aligners.

OrthoSnap uses a stronger, less flexible material than other clear aligners, which are made of a soft material that loses its effectiveness over time. The stronger material in OrthoSnap promotes more stability and is healthier because it realigns your bone structure properly, leading to a more stable and healthier smile that won’t revert to its old, misaligned state.

OrthoSnap New York provides a simple and personable treatment process to make teeth straightening without braces easy.

Our doctors know that straightening your teeth has many benefits, not least of which is a healthier and happier you. OrthoSnap treatment process is designed to make your experience go as smoothly as possible.

Your treatment begins with a confidential evaluation to determine what kind of treatment you need and whether OrthoSnap is right for you. If doctor decides OrthoSnap is the best solution for you, he will take complete X-rays and teeth impressions. Your custom OrthoSnap aligners are made specifically for you.

Other types of aligners are strictly computer modulated and manufactured through mass production techniques. By contrast, OrthoSnap is created with a personal hand touch to fit your teeth and your teeth only, giving your clear braces more precision to work with your mouth’s natural details.

Treatable Cases

Teeth straightening without braces is a snap with OrthoSnap New York. OrthoSnap clear aligners can fix your teeth without unsightly braces. In most cases, OrthoSnap is ideal for many common orthodontic problems traditionally treated with braces: overbite, underbite, deformed teeth, gaps between teeth, misaligned teeth, and crooked teeth.

Living With OrthoSnap

teeth straightening | teeth straightening without metal braces | teeth straightening without braces | teeth straightening with clear alignersDiscover the benefits of OrthoSnap, the best alternative to braces available today.

Unless you have an extreme case, OrthoSnap is the best way to straighten your teeth because you get the effectiveness of braces without the drawbacks. Other aligners are not perfect substitutes for traditional braces and simply can’t live up to that claim.

Each set of OrthoSnap aligners is designed to be worn for 2 weeks at a time. As your teeth adjust to their new positions, a new OrthoSnap aligner is made, ensuring faster, more precise and effective treatment.

OrthoSnap aligners are meant to be worn most of the day, but taken out during meals and while brushing teeth. If you forget to wear your OrthoSnap for extended periods of time, your treatment plan can be easily adjusted accordingly.

Our doctors want to make sure your OrthoSnap experience is the best it can be. We can answer all of your questions and help you find the best solution that suits your lifestyle.

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