OrthoSnap vs Other Clear Braces

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Straighten teeth without metal braces.

OrthoSnap and how it’s different from other teeth aligners.

OrthoSnap is the very latest system for teeth straightening without metal braces. It’s as effective as traditional braces, easy to use, convenient, affordable and superior to other aligner systems.

Made in United States, FDA approved.

The first question you might want to ask: How is  OrthoSnap different from other aligner systems? Right?

It looks similar to Invisalign, Clear Correct, etc.  The same clear plastic trays you put on your teeth… So, is it the same animal with a different name? OK, let’s make it clear  – NO, IT IS NOT.

We had been fascinated with other clear aligners for many years, before OrthoSnap became available, and still love them…  in certain cases. But invention of OrthoSnap opened up all new era in orthodontics.orthosnap teeth straightening new york | straighten teeth without metal braces

Now, we will try to make it really easy. Below is a list of the features characterizing OrthoSnap and NOT attributable to others.

First and the most important: Orthosnap moves teeth in the same way traditional metal braces do. The same sequence of movements.  Aligners move one group of  teeth, then another until the teeth are set into the most anatomically appropriate position.

OrthoSnap doesn’t simply “shifts” the teeth. It repositions them, moves a whole tooth body and not just the tooth crown (visible part of the tooth). It slowly remodels and changes the jaw bone structure. It makes it effective in the treatment of different bite problems and makes treatment results permanent.

Some teeth can be so crowded that many orthodontists recommend a tooth extraction (removal) before orthodontic treatment is started. And we are talking about healthy teeth. No teeth extraction is done before or during an OrthoSnap treatment, EVER. Even really bad teeth crowding can be corrected with OrthoSnap only.

OrthoSnap aligners are made of quite a rigid material, so pressure applied to teeth is steady, even and doesn’t change over time.

By the end of OrthoSnap treatment no additional tooth “shaving” is required, NEVER. Complete teeth straightening is achieved ONLY with help of plastic aligners.

OrthoSnap is able to correct virtually every case of  teeth misalignment, crowding, spacing, overbite, croossbite, underbite, etc.

When OrthoSnap treatment is initiated it includes not only the cosmetic part of the problem by correcting only visible teeth but addresses all details of teeth and bite abnormalities.

Interested in more details? Here they are:

Other companis have simplified the process of diagnosing orthodontic conditions as well as fabrication of their aligners. Thanks to 3D technology. All aligners are simply 3D printed. Unfortunately, this fascinating technology is not 100% precise and errors are highly possible. This leads to frequent suboptimal treatment results. OrthoSnap while using 3D technology as an important diagnostic tool developed an unique proprietary pin model platform. Every OrthoSnap aligner moves teeth one step, its about 0.2 mm. A dynamic plasticized plaster teeth (including jaws) model is created. Then model teeth are separated and by using sophisticated pin system moved step by step into desired position. Another models corresponding to every step are created and are used for aligner fabrication. One step, one model, one aligner. This provides high precision and allows to develop the most anatomically and physiologically appropriate and effective treatment.

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