Some people call OrthoSnap clear aligners as invisible braces, adult braces, invisible braces New York, clear braces. Whatever name you use the fact remains simple. OrthoSnap offers comfortable and unnoticeable solution for teeth straightening without braces in Manhattan and Brooklyn New York. Comfortable invisible braces New York

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OrthoSnap clear aligners for teeth straightening without braces are referred by many as Invisible braces New York, clear aligners Brooklyn, clear braces Brooklyn, clear braces New York, invisible braces Brooklyn. OrthoSnap is true and only effective alternative to traditional metal braces. Invisible braces New York

Dr. Levy is truly a talented dentist. He is patient, thorough, meticulous, knowledgeable and always does an excellent job. Dr. Levy cares about his patients and will do his best to make you feel as comfortable as humanly possible.  A true professional with vision, magical hands and a warm personality. Thanks!

Irina Y, 11/6/2013


You can call OrthoSnap invisible aligners as invisible braces New York or clear braces. Having treated over thousand patients with outstanding results OrthoSnap New York has been recognized for its exceptional achievements and expertise. Invisible braces New York

I want to share my thoughts about Ortosnap. For almost a year I was wearing teeth braces. I read a lot of reviews, was very hesitant but finally decided that I needed them. Suffice it to say, basic hygiene converted into torture cleaning out these iron wires … And then on one of the forums I saw info about Orthsnap. I decided to take a chance. I wear aligners only 2 weeks. The first 2 days, to be honest, it is very uncomfortable to remove them and wear them. I tried to eat liquid food without removing … I DO NOT ADVISE. Food flows into them, then it is difficult to clean. After 3 days, everything was fine. I have no pain and no pressure feeling. Easy to remove and put them back in place. I was warned that might have mouth full of saliva, but didn’t happen. No speech impediment. Well, may be a little at first, if chattering nonstop. In general, all comfortable, already used to having something foreign in your mouth. Mentally preparing myself that with each new aligner I might have first couple of days when it hurts, but it’s worth it! All are encouraged! Smile pretty!

Jeff Sankin 09/03/2013


Invisible braces New York or OrthoSnap clear aligners provide effective and comfortable teeth straightening without braces.

Great results with OrthoSnap teeth straightening procedure. No teeth braces, Recommend!!!

Jenny S. • August 15


Teeth straightening can be achieved with use of invisible braces New York officially known as OrthoSnap New York clear aligners. People also call them "clear braces Brooklyn", "clear braces New York"

For years I had wanted straight teeth but didn’t want to go through the embarrassment of braces. Then I heard about Invisalign. I wasn’t sure that Invisalign would work for me because my teeth were pretty crowded but I wanted to find out. I did some research and found another similar procedure called OrthoSnap which in many cases works better than Invisalign. At my first visit Dr. Levy showed me cases that he had treated that were worse then mine, and I met some of my friends that were treated in his office. Their results were great. Once I knew that Dr. Levy could straighten my teeth with invisible braces OrthoSnap I couldn’t wait to start. I feel a lot more confident in myself now that I love my smile.

Jenny S. 3 months ago


OrthoSnap invisible braces New York - convenient alternative to traditional braces.

I didn’t have braces as a teen as I was lucky to have straight teeth; that is, until my wisdom teeth came down about 3 years ago in my mid-twenties and things started moving. Overcrowding became an issue, and I noticed that one of my front teeth was starting to cross over the other, along with some noticeable movement with the teeth on each side and my middle bottom teeth. I was told that I had just one option – traditional braces, then was consulted on Invisalign which was not suggested as useless. Did a lot of research and found Dr. Levy and OrthoSnap he uses. I was given a batch of trays that need to be changed every two weeks, and for the first day or so, I felt some pain and sensitivity as they started to whip your teeth into line. To be short, I had mine on for 12 months all up and I am HAPPY !!!

by anonymous, Oct 30, 2013


Clear aligners OrthoSnap, invisible braces or invisible braces New York are effectevely straighten teeth without braces.

I had the piece of iron in my mouth in childhood, it was a horror. Not only that I was teased, also the first teeth ached wildly. I could not resist, and I took them off, damaging the enamel. Recently, my friend advised me go to the dentist Charlie Levy for a new system of “OrtoSnap” – clear aligners for straightening teeth. I was pleased with them and the results were obvious.

Arkadyprisman, Posted 2 months ago



I really liked OrtoSnap. Comfortable to wear, not very noticeable to others. The first 3 hours was not accustomed to, but then that discomfort passed. Convenient, they can be removed at any time, brush your teeth, eat normally. It’s been 2 months since I wear them and the results are already obvious.

dm_527676f64b7a7, 2 weeks ago


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