Types of Braces

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Teeth Straightening and Types of Braces


Gone are the days when having perfect teeth was impossible. Today, if you have any problem associated with your teeth you can visit your dentist and find a solution. Braces offer you with teeth straightening techniques, which are less painful and more useful. If you are worried about having a natural look to your teeth, you can use invisible braces. So, what are the types of braces available in the market today?

Traditional Braces

These metal braces have been used for centuries. This type of braces comes to your mind, when your dentist says that you might need a brace to straighten your teeth. Although these vary in size, yet with the help of modern technology, these can be smaller and less noticeable than normal ones. One of the advantages of this type of brace is that this is least expensive and the colorful bands, which are available, make the process of wearing the braces interesting for kids. On the negative side, these braces are noticed the most because of their size and structure.

Ceramic Braces

These braces are similar to the metal braces except for the fact that they are transparent in color, which blends easily with the teeth. You can also make it tooth colored and use the wires of same color to make it less noticeable. On the positive side, these braces are transparent and easier to clean and remove compared to the clear plastic braces. On the negative side, they are more expensive than the metal braces and can be stained if you do not take proper care of them.

Lingual Braces

These braces are considered as a variation of the metal braces, with the only exception being the fact that they are applied on the inside of the teeth rather than outside. Although, these braces are invisible from outside, yet they are more expensive and difficult to clean. Moreover, they are inappropriate in severe cases and uncomfortable to use at first. The adjustments take longer and are difficult as compared to traditional braces.

OrthoSnap Aligners

These can be termed as invisible braces and are most used in the present times. They consist of 18 – 30 custom designed, mouth – guard like transparent plastic aligners. These aligners are replaceable and are replaced every fortnight. One of the important aspects of using orthosnap is that invisible teeth straightening can be easily done with this, as it is totally transparent and effective in all cases. They are handmade in US and can be made based on your needs. On the negative side, children cannot use them. In addition, they are more expensive than other type of braces, and can be easily lost. Moreover, your straightening of teeth may take longer depending on the shape of your teeth.

Hence, now that you know about the different types of teeth braces that are available, all you need to do is consult with your dentist and choose one for yourself. After all, your teeth help you with that healthy smile and you should keep it safe at all costs.