Teeth Straightening Benefits

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Teeth Straightening Benefits

It’s no secret that nicely shaped, beaming teeth are everybody’s dream. Most young people undergo teeth straightening to improve their looks and confidence. But wait: Did you know that having straight, gapless teeth also has other important benefits?

If you can’t justify the expense of teeth straightening as a cosmetic procedure, think of how good straight teeth are for your health. You heard that right: Perfectly positioned teeth are important for your general health, not just for a perfect smile. Let’s dig a little deeper into this subject…

Clear talk

People who have a gap in their front teeth often have difficulties pronouncing certain letters well, for example “food” or “vase”. Whistling, even just a little, makes you uncomfortable speaking in class, at work, or on the phone. Who needs to be giggled at or even be bullied because of an easy to fix tooth problem? Stuttering is a condition that is often caused by psychological problems, and speech problems don’t help.

After closing that teeth gap, most people aren’t scared of speaking in front of others. Some even go to toast masters, show their video online, or look for a job where speaking in public is on the to-do list.

Normal speech is part of everybody’s general health, and straight teeth are to

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Happy mind and soul

A positive self-image is crucial in developing new friendships, finding a job and making your way in the world. If you feel uncomfortable smiling or laughing around people, your self-esteem is likely to be low. A lot of people with crooked teeth have low self-esteem, or even suffer from depression or other serious mental issues. This is where teeth straightening comes in: Boosting your confidence will lead to more smiles, and a happier person all around.

Your mind and soul will thank you for your decision to have your teeth straightened. It can improve the way the world sees you, and – most importantly – the way you see yourself.

Keeping gums and jawbones clean and healthy

Have you heard that straight and perfectly spaced teeth are a great benefit to your jawbones and gums? You got that right: If teeth aren’t spaced evenly, your gums can become inflamed or more easily infected. Big gaps between your teeth space can leave teeth more exposed to food, while crowded teeth tend to have areas that are hard to clean. As a result, bacteria can grow, causing gum disease and other conditions. Regular brushing and flossing is much easier and more effective when teeth are well aligned. Who doesn’t like lowering the risk of swollen gums and plaque buildup that may result in cavities and worse, in early bone loss?

Good oral health is connected to heart health so taking good care of your teeth is a must. You want to keep your teeth as long as you live, right?

Avoiding tooth decay, gum problems and the risk of losing teeth should be on your priority list – and having straight teeth helps a lot.

Lower risk of lip and gum injury

Crooked teeth and a bad bite can lead to tooth chipping, cracking and other injuries. When you happen to have an accident like falling off a bike or colliding with another athlete, straight teeth are much less likely to chip or break. Those who have crowded, overlapping or crooked teeth are at a greater risk of accidental injuries. If teeth are spaced too far apart, they can move more freely, and they may be knocked out when you play contact of high-impact sports.

Another thing is that crooked teeth can push against lips and gums. This may lead to sores, cuts, and infections – how annoying is that. Have your teeth straightened and forget about worrying when you are active.

Proper eating and digestion

Poorly positioned teeth can compromise eating, particularly chewing. Proper chewing is the first step of healthy digestion – remember that from school? Normal chewing makes it easier for the stomach and intestines to work well and to break down food for absorption in the gut.

When you have crooked teeth or gaps between them, you can’t enjoy and process food well – so you’d better get your teeth straightened. This helps prevent any stomach and intestinal problems, and keeps you healthy, happy, and looking good.


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