How to Straighten Teeth without Braces

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Many adults are not happy with their teeth. While do-it-yourself whiteners have become popular, they don’t solve a much more serious problem that many people experience: crooked teeth. Crooked teeth are not necessarily unhealthy, but they can be a social liability and may also make teeth harder to clean, increasing the risk of gum disease, cavities and other problems. The traditional solution to crooked teeth is braces, and most people don’t want those—especially adults. So is there a way to straighten teeth without braces in Manhattan, NYC?

Straighten Teeth without Braces Manhattan NYC


Importance of Why OrthoSnap is Better then Braces

First it’s important to understand how braces work. All orthodontic corrective devices operate on basically the same principle: pressure. Braces are deigned to put a gentle but continuous amount of pressure on teeth to essentially shove them into the right place. While this may sound primitive, it involves a very delicate process: not only do some teeth need to be pushed into alignment to become straight, but other teeth need to be moved out of the way to make room for them, without making them crooked. The whole process is gradual and requires great precision.

How to accomplish?

Traditional braces are fairly elaborate constructions. They involve a wire structure that is screwed into place to hold everything where it needs to be, and then tiny metal plates that put pressure on each tooth to move it in the right direction. This structure is what we see when we notice someone has “metal mouth” and it’s also responsible for the discomfort some people experience when they wear braces.

Improvements to Teeth without Braces in NYC!

So is there a way to accomplish the same thing without big, bulky braces? Thankfully there is. In recent years, orthodontists have developed a new system called OrthoSnap. OrthoSnap are virtually invisible, they’re highly effective, and they technically aren’t braces at all. Instead, OrthoSnap consists of a set of clear plastic “aligners” that slide right over your teeth—with no metal wires and no screws.

OrthoSnap Clear Aligners Advantages

OrthoSnap aligners are essentially an extra layer you wear over your teeth. They don’t affect speech and are hard to see, and they can be taken out anytime you want. But while in place they put that same gentle, steady pressure on your teeth to move them where they need to be. That makes them a tremendous alternative to braces.

While no single dental solution is right for everyone, OrthoSnap is one of the best new devices, and offers all of the benefits of invisible braces without the drawbacks.