Looking for an Alternative to Braces for Adults?

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We all know that having a beautiful smile makes a difference. If you’ve spent your life living with crooked or crowded teeth, you know that tiny pang of envy that we all get when we see someone with perfectly straight pearly whites. Correcting your teeth as an adult doesn’t sound easy, after all, who wants to be the person in their 20s, 30s or older wearing braces?

OrthoSnap New York Braces for Adults

You might be surprised to know that many of the adults around you are, in fact, wearing invisible braces. The fact is that orthodontists have focused much of their work in recent years on developing solutions for adults with crooked teeth that are not only effective but also discreet.

However, not all invisible braces for adults are created equal. Most of us are familiar with some of the heavily marketed “invisible alignment braces” that seem to be such a fad right now. These braces were a huge step forward in dental technology when they came out, but they are far from a perfect solution. That’s because they take the same basic principles as clunky traditional braces and simply offer them in a new transparent material.

That’s a problem because traditional braces are made with metal for a reason. The metal fixtures on traditional braces allow for a gentle but tight fit against teeth with no give and no wiggle room. When invisible braces copy the same setup, they fall short: plastic allows more give against the teeth, meaning there is less pressure moving them into their new, straight position, resulting in a much longer treatment time or even less dramatic results. Plus, like traditional braces, these devices have to be worn 24/7 with no rest.

That’s why more dentists are now recommending OrthoSnap as an alternative to braces for adults. OrthoSnap doesn’t try to mimic old fashioned braces at all. Instead of a set of wires and pads, OrthoSnap takes the form of clear plastic sleeve that slides right over your teeth. This offers several advantages:

  1. It’s removable
  2. The plastic covers the teeth completely, solving the “wiggle room” problem
  3. The OrthoSnap aligners are changed every two weeks, so they don’t discolor over time. They stay as “invisible” as they always were.

Technically, OrthoSnap aligners aren’t invisible braces for adults at all. They’re a whole new generation of orthodontic devices that finally put braces to rest. But they do the same job as braces, and more effectively than ever.