How To Straighten Teeth Without Braces

22 Nov 2013 Uncategorized 2 Comments

Revitta Smile now offers OrthoSnap, the new teeth straightening procedure utilizing clear alligners, in Mahnattan and Brooklyn, New York.

Manhattan, NY and Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) September 17, 2013

Revitta Smile is proud to offer OrthoSnap,  the newest procedure for teeth straightening, in Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York.

How to straighten teeth without braces | OrthoSnap New York teeth straightening without braces how to straighten teeth without braces answer is simple OrthoSnap clear aligners in Brooklyn and Manhattan NY easy and convenient way to correct crooked and uneven teeth without braces

Now it is possible to straighten teeth without the cosmetic issues of traditional braces.

Leave the images of traditional metal braces behind. With the OrthoSnap transparent aligner, friends and co-workers will have a very hard time seeing that you are wearing one. We are really excited to finally offer an easy and affordable system to straighten your teeth and drastically improve your smile.

OrthoSnap is not the first company to introduce clear aligners to the dental industry. What OrthoSnap does is make the process of aligning teeth much simpler.

Through a progression of transparent and removable plastic aligners, teeth are gently moved into their proper position. OrthoSnap uses an innovative and unique system that makes it easy for a doctor to design a treatment plan that will let her patients achieve clear results. OrthoSnap is designed for complete treatment flexibility, while maintaining ultimate comfort and ease of use.

OrthoSnap utilizes transparent FDA-approved materials in the manufacture of its aligners. It allows smiles to be dramatically transformed while giving patients the freedom to lead a normal life. The aligners perfectly fit patients’ teeth, and are hardly noticeable when worn. In addition, OrthoSnap aligners can be taken off without effort, allowing patients to eat and brush their teeth in comfort.

The OrthoSnap aligner system is applicable in most cases where traditional orthodontic braces are considered. Further, it is helpful when it’s necessary to correct residual problems after treatment with traditional braces, or when other aligner systems like Invisalign have failed.

Nearly all teeth alignment issues, including spaces between teeth, uneven or crowded teeth, and even bite adjustment, can be successfully treated comfortably and discreetly with the OrthoSnap system.

Whether somebody is at work, in the office, partying the night away, or enjoying a favorite sport – you can feel comfortable smiling while OrthoSnap clear aligners do their work.

A doctor will decide if OrthoSnap is the right solution for every particular patient. Impressions are taken and sent to OrthoSnap processing facility, where the set of individual aligners will be produced and sent back to the doctor.

Upon delivery of the aligners, doctor will go over the treatment and hygienic maintenance procedures with the client. Generally, each set of aligners is worn over a period of two weeks and then replaced with the next set, ensuring steady movement of the teeth into the desired position.

Patients then receive a set of aligners. Each aligner is carefully designed to bring the patient’s teeth ever closer to the final, true alignment. Real improvement can be observed week by week, aligner by aligner.

OrthoSnap aligners are designed to be worn comfortably around the clock. Patients can easily take off their aligners when eating, brushing and flossing their teeth. Since aligners are made out of a clear, transparent material, people will barely notice that somebody is wearing them.

As each set of aligners moves the patient’ teeth towards their goal position, the patient will visit doctor for regular progress reviews. Unlike some competing systems, the OrthoSnap treatment plan can be adjusted mid-course to correct for the patient’s real-world results. We will make sure that patient’ teeth are steadily straightening into a Hollywood smile.

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