Clear Aligners OrthoSnap. Adult Braces.

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Clear aligners OrthoSnap

Adult Braces: It’s Never too Late to Straighten your Smile

For many uneven teeth were fixed during childhood, made straighter with train track style braces, worn for up to three years to create a neat and straight smile. For others teeth were naturally straight and braces weren’t necessary. A handful of us did however miss out on the braces we needed as children, leaving us with teeth we are unhappy with in adulthood.

Many of those with crooked teeth might assume they have to live with them, but if you’re self-conscious about your smile there are options as an adult.

Can you straighten your teeth in adulthood?

Most of us would probably find typical train track braces would get in the way of our every day lives, and so braces as an adult seems out of the question. For those of us who are not happy with our teeth though, normal things like smiling can be difficult.Advances in cosmetic dentistry now means that straightening of the teeth can be discreet, making braces as an adult possible! The teeth can be straightened with out anyone even knowing you are undergoing treatment. With invisible brace options such as Orthosnap you can have the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

What is Orthosnap?

Orthosnap uses a series of clear aligners that move your teeth into the ideal position, correcting teeth that are out of place and over lapping. During treatment with Orthosnap you will receive a set of aligners, each of which moves your teeth a little closer to your end goal. Each set of aligners is designed to be worn for two weeks at a time, constantly seeing progress and moving your teeth to your desired position.  The great thing about Orthosnap is that you can hardly tell you are wearing them, and 99% of the time people won’t know that you are undergoing cosmetic treatment. The length of your treatment will depend on your teeth and your own expectations. Orthosnap can greatly improve the appearance of your teeth, creating the smile you deserve.

What can Orthosnap help with?

Over crowding, overlapping and crooked teeth are common problems, but for those who suffer this can cause a real problem to our self-esteem. Orthosnap can help correct these problems, moving the teeth into the correct position for a straight and attractive smile, with out the need for train track braces that can be noticeable and uncomfortable. With Orthosnap you will have regular check ups to monitor your progress, as well as support from start to finish. Orthosnap is the perfect way to straighten your teeth as an adult, giving you the smile you’ve always dreamed of.