Best braces alternative for teens and adults. OrthoSnap.

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best braces alternative | metal braces alternative | alternative to metal braces

Best braces alternative. OrthoSnap – innovation in wireless orthodontics.

Clear braces for adults have become popular. But unfortunately they can suffer from many of the same drawbacks as traditional braces; that’s why OrthoSnap was developed as an alternative to braces.

OrthoSnap is a system of clear aligners that straightens teeth and outperforms traditional braces. So what makes OrthoSnap better? What makes it the best braces alternative? Here are four reasons:

best braces alternative | metal braces alternative | alternative to metal braces1. No metal parts. Traditional braces use metal wires to affix the braces to the teeth, holding everything in place. Metal was chosen in the 20th century because of its strength and durability, among other qualities. But these metal components can actually cause permanent damage to your teeth, slowly wearing through the tooth enamel wherever they rub against it. The damage done can be extremely painful and ultimately lead to further dental problems down the line. OrthoSnap uses no metal parts – only a safe, transparent plastic piece that fits right over your teeth.

2. Extreme comfort. You shouldn’t have to suffer for beauty. Traditional braces can range from uncomfortable to downright painful because they put intense strain on the teeth at specific focused points. As an alternative to braces, OrthoSnap clear aligners spread the pressure out and offer a gentle, comfortable experience.

3. Completely unnoticeable. One thing you don’t want is to have to explain your braces to friends and colleagues. Unfortunately, not all clear braces and aligners are made equal. Some are still fairly bulky and visible at to anyone at a normal speaking distance. OrthoSnap is one of the least visible forms of alternatives to braces, since the entire piece is made of a see-through material. This allows you to walk into work – or a date – with a confident smile.

4. Results that last. Once you decide to invest in your smile, the one thing you want from your clear braces is a new, straight set of teeth that will stay that way. Unfortunately, traditional braces tend to offer mixed results. Many find that their teeth return to being crooked after their braces are removed. OrthoSnap offers better results because a series of aligners are used to gradually and completely move your teeth to their new positions, and the aligner can be worn comfortably until the teeth are settled for good. A retainer will rarely be recommended to help keep your results. In most cases, results are permanent with no more devices needed.

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